SIEM & Log Management

The current single-purpose SIEM-software and log management tools avail the required security information but at a higher cost. The Single-purpose method is capital intensive and takes a lot of time and effort when combining separate log files from different sources like asset inventory and Intrusion Detection products. Further research analysis and correlation set of rules must be set to determine the threats affecting your environment. These challenges increase as workload increases from on-premises to cloud environments.

Due to resource constraints, effective SIEMs systems needs to be deployed in order to facilitate threat detection and thus becoming a worthy ROI.

AIS is a unique security management system because it brings together complex SIEM and log management mechanisms coupled with other crucial security tools like IDS and vulnerability assessment to provide a centralized security monitoring system for on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

AIS helps your organization to:

  • a. Integration of third-party security tools helps your organization save money and time.
  • b. Instant threat detection using pre-written correlation rules.
  • c. Receive continuous security insights and intelligence useful for your organization.
  • d. Receive actionable recommendation reports.
  • e. Receive instant notifications and alerts in case any unusual activity is detected during vulnerability test.