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We provide holistic vulnerability assessments, efficient compliance management, Penetration Testing and Social Engineering training for your key staffs & individuals. Our Information Security solutions are cost effective and efficient. We holistically mitigate threats, data breaches, hacking, vulnerabilities, and incidents in your environment while making sure you are compliant with your industry’s standards and regulations i.e GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, Sarbanes Oxley Act. etc

Cyber security incidences have increased in recent years. These have brought headaches and frustrations to many organizations as they try to secure their infrastructure and data. Most current information security solutions lack the appropriate tailored efficiency and intelligence to handle the current wave of attacks. This have forced organizations to settle for untested Information Security services due to budget constraints and lack of a better option. The aftermath of lack of a proper & tailored Information Security solution is financial loss, data breaches, hacking and tarnished brands.

Avienn Systems’​ was founded to mitigate and solve this core problem. To assist small and medium sized organization experience a world-class Information Security services at a lower cost while providing a service tailored to your Information Security needs–ranging from holistic Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Management & Social Engineering training for your staffs.

Dedicated Team

We are dedicated to securing your infrastructure, be it on-premises or in the cloud. Avienn Systems will go the extra mile to lock down your systems against cyber hacks and threats from hackers

Expert Cybersecurity Knowledge

We have the knowledge and grit to dramatically remove vulnerabilities, threats and incidents from your infrastructure and business.

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 Unified Solution

We will not only spot vulnerabilities, we have the knowledge to fix and remediate these issues.

Our Skills & Expertise

We’re dedicated to mitigating the security risks that all companies face currently. From our practice area knowledge in Compliance Management, Holistic Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing & Social Engineering Training. Our advanced managed security services are unparalleled with our partnerships with advanced security technology vendors and Information Security researchers

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Why we are unique

Instead of a one size fits all type of service. We provide a tailored Information Security service, that essentially meets your unique and specific needs. We enable our customers get the best threat detection and incidence response mechanism, Avienn Systems combines several major security capabilities (cloud security management, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, SIEM and Log management among others) with advanced threat intelligence that is continuously updated to guarantee optimum security to our clients environment.
Out clients come first and our level of service is unparalleled. We guarantee your satisfaction.
We enable you to instantly detect threats after installation without any delay. Our security packages are highly customizable and intelligent, making them effective, easy to set up and use while providing proactive actionable reports.

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