Server Hardening

This is a process of enhancing server security by taking a soft server surface that is not immune to any attacks and make changes in order to make it hard and stronger. These prevents external attacks making it more secure and resistant to unwanted security issues.

Importance of server hardening

Server hardening is very crucial and especially to online businesses. Currently, a lot of servers experience constant online attacks and therefore it is vital to check how secure your server is in order to secure your website, cloud environment and on-premises environment.

Why implement AIS for server hardening

The current increase in number and severity in server attacks requires an effective centralized system to identify server soft areas and implement the appropriate hardening mechanisms. The AIS system is fitted with the right technology to identify server soft spots combined with threat assessment, vulnerability assessment and IDS to enhance efficiency in the server hardening process.

Server hardening methodologies

  • • Data encryption to enhance data security
  • • Removal of insecure protocols
  • • Unnecessary software are deleted from the sever
  • • SSH hardening
  • • Disabling unwanted binaries.
  • • Application of brute force and SQL injection.
  • • Enhancing physical server security.