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Cloud Security Management

Cloud Security Management

Avienn Integrated Security is a cloud-based security management platform that provides security to cloud based environment. This system facilitates threat detection, organized incidence response mechanism and cloud compliance management for both on-premises and cloud environments. As a leader in cloud security management system, AIS supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMWare ESXi. These gives users a complete platform for managing security in private and public cloud environments.

AIS enables users to easily deploy software sensors into the public or private cloud environments and at the same time avail centralized platform to organize collection of data, threat detection and analysis affecting your business.

AIS provides SaaS cloud security capabilities which include Asset discovery, behavioral monitoring, and vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection. The systems further provides mechanism for upgrading threat detection and response capabilities as the cloud environment of your organization changes and only pay for what you require.

Managing cloud security using AIS helps you to:

  • a. Remove blind spots in your on-premises and cloud environments.
  • b. Use the integrated intelligence to detect emerging threats in real-time.
  • c. Get strategies to enable fast incidence response mechanism
  • d. Become PCI, HIPAA, ISO compliant.
  • e. Enhance current security investments and strategies.

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