Vulnerability Analysis

The IT experts and security practitioners in an organizations are mostly burdened with a lot work and stress regarding system and network attacks. It is difficult to keep track of the devices connected on the company network and accessing the cloud environment.

AIS is built with the latest technology that facilitates fast and accurate vulnerability assessment. After installation, AIS immediately detects all the on-premises and cloud assets. IT experts can comfortable track all the connected assets through the console. With AIS, you can easily detect the IP-enabled devices on the organization network, how these devices are configured, possible device vulnerabilities and existing threats. AIS also gives organizations with cloud infrastructure a clear visibility of the existing cloud assets in your cloud environments.

Implementation of AIS helps you to:

  • a. Know the instances operating in the cloud environment.
  • b. Know the devices running on the company physical and virtual network.
  • c. Understand how vulnerable the on-premises and cloud assets are.
  • d. Monitor the users.
  • e. Get info regarding current attacks on the company assets.
  • f. f. Get info regarding known attacks on the assets.