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Compliance Management

Current IT compliance management strategies involve manually monitoring several IT security products to ensure that they meet the current set industrial and regulatory standards. Also, you need to combine multiple IT systems’ data into a centralized report view to demonstrate to the management and auditors that the organization IT system is intact and working efficiently. These processes and strategies are cumbersome, time consuming and error prone.

AIS is a comprehensive IT security solution that facilitates effective IT compliance management. Our solution aggregates the appropriate IT technologies that can support full IT compliance management despite the challenging and strict regulatory standards. AIS further supports centralized consistent monitoring of the organization on-premises and cloud IT environment.

The Avienn Integrated Security system eliminates the cumbersome manual IT compliance process and introduces a centralized cost effective IT compliance management process. The system is easy to use, easy to deploy, guarantees accuracy and affordable for small and medium sized organizations.

Avienn Integrated Security accelerates IT compliance management through the following ways:

  1. Provides a centralized console to manage log collection, event correlation and receiving alerts in case of suspicious activities.
  2. Detect vulnerabilities and identify assets in dynamic environments.
  3. Conduct threat detection from a central position for both cloud and on-premises environments.
  4. Provides simple compliance reporting mechanism with unique compliance reports and data search and analytics that can be easily customized.
  5. Avienn Integrated Security is PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC 2 certified guaranteeing effective compliance management.

Vulnerability Analysis

The IT experts and security practitioners in an organizations are mostly burdened with a lot work and stress regarding system and network attacks. It is difficult to keep track of the devices connected on the company network and accessing the cloud environment.

AIS is built with the latest technology that facilitates fast and accurate vulnerability assessment. After installation, AIS immediately detects all the on-premises and cloud assets. IT experts can comfortably track all the connected assets through the console. With AIS, you can easily detect the IP-enabled devices on the organization network, how these devices are configured, possible device vulnerabilities and existing threats. AIS also gives organizations with cloud infrastructure a clear visibility of the existing cloud assets in your cloud environments.

Implementation of AIS helps you to:

  1. Know the instances operating in the cloud environment.
  2. Know the devices running on the company physical and virtual network.
  3. Understand how vulnerable the on-premises and cloud assets are.
  4. Monitor the users.
  5. Get info regarding current attacks on the company assets
  6. Get info regarding known attacks on the assets

Our access management competencies can be used to delegate authorization and tasks across on-premises or hybrid virtual environments. With management, incorporated policy, analytics and reporting across cloud environments and on-premise, firms can meet the rigid auditing difficulties on cloud practice.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an attack simulation on a network, website or applications by an attacker in order to identify weaknesses before they are exploited by an attacker. The AIS estimates the impact of an attack the impact it will have on the business if compromised. The system further reports impeding external and internal vulnerabilities that can result from wrong system configurations, defects in hardware and software failure to install appropriate patches.

AIS system conducts external penetration testing which involves detecting vulnerabilities available in the network and internet access that can be exploited by external attackers. Internal penetration testing are conducted to determine the weaknesses and flaws that employees can exploit to launch an attack.

The AIS provides a platform for accessing reports and instant notifications when flaws are detected. The system further provides recommendation of how to rectify the flaws.

Performing penetration testing helps an organization to:

  1. Avoid financial loss through exploitation by fraudsters and disgruntled employees.
  2. Protect your brand and preventing customer loss and unnecessary lawsuits.
  3. Enhance compliance to set regulatory standards.

Discover what can be tested using AIS

  1. Operating systems, computer applications and network infrastructure.
  2. Wireless network
  3. Testing employees through screening and social engineering.
  4. Physical access and dumpster driving among other areas.

To deliver a perfect assessment of these devices, it needs some inside knowledge for each of the agent or instances. Avic provides vulnerability assessment agent capabilities for the Retina Host Security Scanner to offer a meaningful inspection into an occurrence and report any configuration or vulnerability anomalies. Avic offers security assessments of a public-facing network, web applications, and infrastructures with AvicSaaS.

Intrusion Detection & Behavioral Monitoring

Detecting intrusions before they occur is very crucial for any organization. Avienn Integrated Security is a state of intrusion detection system (IDS) for your IT infrastructure. Avienn Integrated Security ensures that cloud and on premise threats are detected before they occur. With our technology, a user has the ability to gather and consolidate current events with the existing IDS/IPS into one console for effective security visibility when securing company resources.

AIS is built to provide comprehensive intrusion detection through its centralized security management console. The management console has on premise Host intrusion detection (HIDS), Network intrusion detection (NIDS) and cloud environments like AWS and Azure IDS. Our research experts constantly update the AIS with the latest threat intelligence updates to guarantee optimal threat detection.   

Benefits of acquiring AIS services

  1. AIS provides an IDS for all environments (Amazon web service (AWS) and Azure clouds, Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS), Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM))
  2. AIS facilitates fast access of threat reports through the dashboard. Users also get instant notifications and quick access to threat assessments and strategy.
  3. Centralized console that provides powerful analytics to reveal system threats and vulnerabilities. 

Server Hardening Service

Importance of server hardening

Server hardening is very crucial and especially to online businesses. Currently, a lot of servers experience constant online attacks and therefore it is vital to check how secure your server is in order to secure your website, cloud environment and on-premises environment.

Why implement AIS for server hardening

The current increase in number and severity in server attacks requires an effective centralized system to identify server soft areas and implement the appropriate hardening mechanisms. The AIS system is fitted with the right technology to identify server soft spots combined with threat assessment, vulnerability assessment and IDS to enhance efficiency in the server hardening process.

Our server hardening methodologies

  • Data encryption to enhance data security
  • Removal of insecure protocols
  • Unnecessary software are deleted from the sever
  • SSH hardening
  • Disabling unwanted binaries. 
  • Application of brute force and SQL injection.
  • Enhancing physical server security.

Server Hardening Process

The process of enhancing server security by taking a soft server template that is not immune to any attacks and make changes in order to make it hard and stronger with highest industry security standards. These prevents external attacks making it more secure and resistant to unwanted security threats.