Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an attack simulation on a network, website or applications by an attacker in order to identify weaknesses before they are exploited by an attacker. The AIS estimates the impact of an attack the impact it will have on the business if compromised. The system further reports impeding external and internal vulnerabilities that can result from wrong system configurations, defects in hardware and software failure to install appropriate patches.

AIS system conducts external penetration testing which involves detecting vulnerabilities available in the network and internet access that can be exploited by external attackers. Internal penetration testing are conducted to determine the weaknesses and flaws that employees can exploit to launch an attack.

The AIS provides a platform for accessing reports and instant notifications when flaws are detected. The system further provides recommendation of how to rectify the flaws.

Performing penetration testing helps an organization to:

  • a. Avoid financial loss through exploitation by fraudsters and disgruntled employees.
  • b. Protect your brand and preventing customer loss and unnecessary lawsuits.
  • c. Enhance compliance to set regulatory standards.

Discover what can be tested using AIS

  • a. Operating systems, computer applications and network infrastructure.
  • b. Wireless network.
  • c. Testing employees through screening and social engineering.
  • d. Physical access and dumpster driving among other areas.