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Intrusion Detection & Behavioral Monitoring

Intrusion Detection & Behavioral Monitoring

Detecting intrusions before they occur is very crucial for any organization. Avienn Integrated Security is a state of intrusion detection system (IDS) for your IT infrastructure. Avienn Integrated Security ensures that cloud and on premise threats are detected before they occur. With our technology, a user has the ability to gather and consolidate current events with the existing IDS/IPS into one console for effective security visibility when securing company resources.

AIS is built to provide comprehensive intrusion detection through its centralized security management console. The management console has on premise Host intrusion detection (HIDS), Network intrusion detection (NIDS) and cloud environments like AWS and Azure IDS. Our research experts constantly update the AIS with the latest threat intelligence updates to guarantee optimal threat detection.

Benefits of acquiring AIS services

  • a. AIS provides an IDS for all environments (Amazon web service (AWS) and Azure clouds, Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS), Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS) and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM))
  • b. AIS facilitates fast access of threat reports through the dashboard. Users also get instant notifications and quick access to threat assessments and strategy.
  • c. Centralized console that provides powerful analytics to reveal system threats and vulnerabilities.

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